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Wedding Shadow Box | Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box | Resin Box

Classics never go out of style and preserving your wedding flowers in a Wedding Shadow Box Frame is as popular today as it ever was. A stunningly elegant way to preserve your entire bouquet in all it's glory. The wedding frames come in a variety of sizes so it is best to decide whether you wish to store any additional items such as buttonholes and contact us to make sure it will all fit.

Your bridal bouquet is such an important part of your wedding day that it would be a shame for it to go to waste. The shadowbox frame (also known as a memory box frame) is a great way to immortalise your whole bridal bouquet for all time!

As part of the service, we will help to lock in the colour of your bouquet by painting where needed to accentuate the colours as well as using preserving sprays and resin to help the items stay in perfect condition.

Our wedding shadow boxes take a lot of time to make and are hand crafted, ensuring your bouquet is preserved beautifully for years to come. While we understand it is a precise art, we only allow up to 4 revisions of the wedding shadow box before we send it out to you. This means we can be sure to give enough time and attention to our other orders. 

Deep Shadow boxes hold full flowers, even proteas! The Thin 25CM frame only holds a maximum of 2 main flowers pressed. A whole bouquet will not be suitable for this frame. They make wonderful bridesmaids gifts / wedding party gifts.  

Don't let your flowers deteriorate - order your wedding shadow box today!

What flowers/petals will fit your items:

  • Largest Wedding Shadow Box: 50CMx40CMx8CM - can fit a large flower arrangement. 
  • Deep Rectangle Shadow Box: 38CMx20CMx9CM - ideal for saving taller bouquets.
  • Medium Wedding Shadow Box: 38CMx38CMx8CM - can fit part of the arrangement, but may need to be shrunk down, ideal for a birdseye view of your bouquet. 
  • Small Wedding Shadow Box: 25CMx25CMx8CM - can hold 2-3 roses and some foliage.
  • Thin Wedding Shadow Box: 25CMx25CMx3CM- can hold a maximum of 2 pressed flowers as well as some foliage. 

What to expect:

As a customer, it is important to know the potential imperfections of handmade products before making a purchase. Flowers may change colour during the drying process - this can depend on many factors, such as how mature the flowers are if they've been sprayed with any chemicals and the state in which we receive them. 

Wedding Shadow Box | Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box | Resin Box | Shadow Box Frame | Memory Box Frames

What is a wedding shadow box?

A wedding shadow box is a three-dimensional frame that is used to display a bride's wedding bouquet. The wedding shadow box typically has a glass front, and the back of the frame is usually covered with fabric. The bottom of the frame may also be covered with fabric, or it may have a wooden base. The wedding shadow box frame also protects the bouquet from dust and other elements that could damage it.

When choosing a wedding bouquet shadow box, it is important to select a frame that is large enough to accommodate the bouquet. The wedding shadow box should also be deep enough so that the stems of the flowers are not exposed. It is also important to choose a frame that has a glass front, as this will allow the bouquet to be seen without opening the frame.

Why buy a wedding shadow box?

There are many reasons to buy a wedding bouquet shadow box. Perhaps you want to preserve your bouquet, or maybe you want to give a special gift to a close friend or family member who was unable to attend your wedding. Wedding shadow boxes are a more classic style of preserving wedding bouquets and allows you to keep the original look and feel created by the florists designs.

Do you sell wedding shadow boxes with pictures?

Yes, you can absolutely choose to have a picture included within your wedding shadow box. We like to offer a wide range of customisation which include different colour frames, depths as well as including engraving / writing on the box or other sentimental keepsakes within.

What size shadow box for wedding bouquet?

The size of the wedding shadow box will depend on the size and depth of your bouquet. If you have a large bouquet, you will need a larger shadow box. Please ensure to measure your bouquet before ordering your shadowbox to ensure a fit.

Wedding Shadow box Ideas

When it comes to wedding shadow boxes, the options are endless. You can either create a simple design that will be easy to put together, or you can go all out and create an elaborate display that will be sure to impress your guests. Either way, these boxes are a great way to add some extra dimension to your décor, and they can even be used as a guestbook alternative.

If you're looking for some inspiration, we've rounded up a few of our favourite shadow box ideas below. From personalizing the box with your wedding colours to filling it with photos and mementos from your big day, there are plenty of ways to make this decorative piece unique to you and your spouse.

1. Personalize the box with your wedding colours.

2. Fill the box with photos and mementos from your big day.

3. Use the shadow box as a guestbook alternative.

4. Decorate the inside of the box with pretty paper or fabric.

5. Fill the shadow box with candles, flowers, and other romantic accessories.

6. Include a few special items from your honeymoon in the shadow box.

7. Create a timeline of your relationship inside the box.

8. Write love letters to each other and place them inside the shadow box.

9. Store your wedding cake topper inside the shadow box.

10. Use the shadow box to display your wedding invitation.

What other words can I use to describe a wedding shadow box?

Wedding Shadow Boxes are sometimes called a Wedding Bouquet Shadow Boxes, Resin Boxes, shadow box frame and even a memory box frame.

We'd suggest to wait 6-12 months to have this delivered back to you. As it takes sometime to dry the flowers and we carefully take apart the bouquet to do this. We always keep all our flowers separate from each client. We will however keep you updated throughout the process and you are more than welcome to contact us on if you'd like an update.

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It is absolutely lovely, some of the flowers are a little bit squashed.

Rachel Renshaw
Bouquet Shadow Box

What a lovely way to keep your wedding flowers. My bouquet was a large long bouquet and I really didn’t want to throw it away. Spotted Magenta Flowers and so excited I could keep my flowers forever. Sent them within 24 hours of been married. They received them the next day and started the drying process. Took six months in total. When I received my delivery I was surprised how big it actually was. So pleased. It’s just beautiful. I had cream roses and they have still captured there beauty. Would highly recommended this company.

Why Choose Us?
Attention to Detail

We ensure we select the appropriate flowers suitable for the items you've chosen. We then carefully begin the drying process before laying them out in your chosen shapes. We love a "fuller" look in our items as we feel it portrays what your original item feels and looks like.

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Trust & Communication

We keep you updated throughout the entire process. This includes initial conversations about what you'd like, right down to when we receive your flowers, when we begin work on your items, as well as sending photos of the finished articles. We won't send you an item until you are happy!

High Quality Resin

Almost all Flower Preservation companies & Resin Artists in the United Kingdom use resin which will discolour and “yellow” within 1-2 years as the resin is exposed to natural light. Here at Magenta Flowers we only ever use high quality resin which is 100% guaranteed no to yellow so you can be sure that your items will stay a crystal clear throughout the test of time.