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Resin Ring | Resin Flower Ring | Epoxy Resin Ring

If you're looking for a unique and meaningful way to remember a special moment, look no further than this resin ring. Made with your wedding, funeral, or other special occasion flowers, this resin ring is sure to capture the heart of anyone who sees it. This unique resin ring has been handmade with care and attention, ensuring that each one is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Small imperfections only add to the charm of this handmade gift.

You have a choice of sterling silver, all metal or gold plated resin ring metal types. Make sure to let us know your ring size when ordering.

Resin Flower rings can be created in may different colours and styles depending upon the flowers you preserve within. Resin rings make great gifts for friends and family if you want to share the memory with loved ones.

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What flowers/petals can my items fit:

  • Resin Rings are petal-based only due to their size

What to expect:

As a customer, it is important to know the potential imperfections of handmade products before making a purchase. All of our items are made with resin and can sometimes have small bubbles trapped within them. Although we try our hardest to avoid this, it is not always possible to do so. Similarly, the color of your newly dried flowers may vary slightly from your fresh flowers, this is a natural occurrence during the dying process. Despite these potential imperfections, our handmade products are still of the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

Resin Ring | Resin Flower Ring | Epoxy Resin Ring

What is a resin ring?

A resin ring is a type of jewellery made from and formed into a ring shape. Resin is a type of plastic that is often used to make jewellery and artwork. Epoxy resin rings are made by pouring resin into a mold, and then letting it harden. The mold can be made from any material that can withstand the heat of the resin, such as silicone, metal, or glass. Once the resin has hardened, the resin ring can be removed from the mold and polished.

Why choose a resin ring?

There are quite a few reasons why people choose to purchase a resin ring. One of the main ones is because they are simply beautiful and easily personalised. We are able to include a large number of petals in resin rings which allow for some breath taking design. Other reasons include resin rings being very affordable, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Many people with sensitive skin who can't wear metal rings are able to wear resin rings instead.

Are resin rings durable?

Yes, resin rings are extremely durable. Resin rings do not break easily and are a great choice if you want a long lasting piece of jewellery which will look beautiful and last you for years. Not only this but resin rings are more comfortable to wear than standard metal rings.

Are resin rings hypoallergenic?

Yes, resin rings are hypoallergenic. This means they are a great choice for people with sensitive skin who usually have allergic reactions to metal rings.

Are resin rings safe?

Yes, resin rings are made from non toxic resin which is completely harmless. Furthermore they are hypoallergenic and a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Can resin rings get wet?

Yes, you are able to get your resin rings wet or go swimming with them if you please. Resin is a durable substance and will only be effected in very hot temperatures. You are able to wash resin rings without a problem. You can also shower with resin rings but I would avoid long hot baths.

Will resin rings break easily?

No, resin rings are extremely durable and will not break easily even if treated roughly.

Can resin rings be resized?

No, there are not any good options for resizing resin rings unfortunately. Unlike metal they can not easily be cut and resized. The best option is to have the resin ring remade which we may be able to do if you find your resin ring does not fit as hoped.

Do you offer resin rings with flowers?

Yes, at Magenta Flowers we specialise in creating resin rings with flowers inside of them; or Resin Flower Rings for want of another word.

Do you offer resin rings with ashes?

No, unfortunately due to your beliefs we do not make any resin rings with ashes. You may be able to find this on Etsy however.

Do you offer chunky resin rings?

Yes, we create chunky resin rings. Let us know the size that you are interested in and we will make a chunky resin ring for you.

Do you offer Resin Rings near me?

Yes, we offer national delivery on resin rings. That means everyone searching for "resin rings near me" can easily be served by us. Just send us your flowers and purchase the ring online and we will do the rest.

Resin Ring Ideas

Our favourite resin ring idea is to make resin rings with flowers from sentimental occasions trapped within. The flowers themselves can be extremely colourful and beautiful, coupled with the sentimental value they hold it is hard to beat. Other great ideas for epoxy resin resin include adding charms within, glitter, alcohol inks or even colourful geode rocks.

How do I store my resin rings?

We would say the best way to store your resin rings would be with one of our resin ring holders, resin jewellery box or even a resin trinket dish

What other words can I use to describe the resin ring?

Resin Rings are sometimes called a resin flower ringsepoxy rings, epoxy resin rings and even plastic resin rings.

We'd suggest to wait 6-12 months to have this delivered back to you. As it takes sometime to dry the flowers and we carefully take apart the bouquet to do this. We always keep all our flowers separate from each client. We will however keep you updated throughout the process and you are more than welcome to contact us on if you'd like an update.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bethany Evans
Just what I wanted

Absolutely love my resin ring and crown jewellery dish. They capture the textures and colours of my wedding bouquet beautifully. Definitely worth the wait and something I will treasure forever. Thank you so much!

Emma Barker
I am in love

Got the first ever flowers my bf got my put into this ring and I'm obsessed. So much thought and detail had gone into the ring. Communication was amazing and the process was quick and easy.

rachael chambers
Resin rings

Absolutely gorgeous rings, couldn’t recommend highly enough! Came so quickly aswell


But I covered in a layer of clear nail polish and now they’re visible It’s really cute and fits perfectly however it was really dull on the outside and wasn’t smooth so you couldn’t see the petals

Katie Camp

Beautiful thank you

Why Choose Us?
Attention to Detail

We ensure we select the appropriate flowers suitable for the items you've chosen. We then carefully begin the drying process before laying them out in your chosen shapes. We love a "fuller" look in our items as we feel it portrays what your original item feels and looks like.

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Trust & Communication

We keep you updated throughout the entire process. This includes initial conversations about what you'd like, right down to when we receive your flowers, when we begin work on your items, as well as sending photos of the finished articles. We won't send you an item until you are happy!

High Quality Resin

Almost all Flower Preservation companies & Resin Artists in the United Kingdom use resin which will discolour and “yellow” within 1-2 years as the resin is exposed to natural light. Here at Magenta Flowers we only ever use high quality resin which is 100% guaranteed no to yellow so you can be sure that your items will stay a crystal clear throughout the test of time.