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Resin Beads | Resin Pandora Beads

Resin beads are the perfect way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. Each bead is infused with the petals of flowers from a sentimental occasion, such as a funeral. This allows you to keep those memories close to you at all times. What’s more, resin pandora beads make a beautiful addition to any bracelet. So why not pick up a few today?

Our Resin Beads include a 925 silver plated Pandora charm fixing. The 4mm real flower beads contain a silver coloured fixing. They are unique, handmade and more importantly made with care, attention and love. So all of our Resin Beads can be used as Pandora Charms | Pandora Beads also.

What flowers/petals will fit my item:

  • Resin Bead- this will only hold petals, as well as a small personalised charm.

What to expect:

As a customer, it is important to know the potential imperfections of handmade products before making a purchase. All of our items are made with resin and can sometimes have small bubbles trapped within them. Although we try our hardest to avoid this, it is not always possible to do so. Similarly, the color of your newly dried flowers may vary slightly from your fresh flowers, this is a natural occurrence during the dying process. Despite these potential imperfections, our handmade products are still of the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

Order your personalised resin beads today!

Resin Beads | Resin Pandora Beads

What are resin beads?

There are different types of resin beads. A lot of people may think of the more traditional resin beads which are small plastic spheres made of plastic and packed inside the tank of a water softener.  However the resin beads which we sell our resin jewellery beads. These are customised resin beads which fit on a Pandora charm and are used for accessorising.

Will my preserved flowers still look the same in resin beads? 

Most of the time your flowers will look exactly the same as when you purchased the,; however resin beads are small so we will only be able to fit petals within them. All flowers are natural and often become darker in colour when they enter the drying process. Sometimes white petals become more yellow brownish colour although we do I best to paint them back to vivid white.

Can I put Resin Beads on my Pandora Bracelet?

Yes, absolutely! We have specifically designed our Resin Beads to fit on Pandora Bracelets. So in a way you could say these are Resin beads for pandora bracelets.

Are Resin Beads Toxic?

No, we use Resin which is completely non toxic and harmless. Resin beads will be perfectly safe to use and can not cause harm.

Do Resin Beads wear out?

No, Resin beads do not wear out. Resin is quite durable and will last for many years if normal wear and usage are happen. Furthermore the resin we use in our resin beads is long lasting and guaranteed not to yellow over time.

Where can I buy resin beads?

Right here! We offer a range of personalised resin beads for pandora bracelets and even offer engraving of initials on the beads.

What type of resin jewellery do you make?

A full range of our resin jewelry can be found on the the link.

We'd suggest to wait 6-12 months to have this delivered back to you. As it takes sometime to dry the flowers and we carefully take apart the bouquet to do this. We always keep all our flowers separate from each client. We will however keep you updated throughout the process and you are more than welcome to contact us on if you'd like an update.

Customer Reviews

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Terri Richards
Totally in love with my bead

I received my resin pandora bead on Saturday 7th May 2022.
My wedding was 16th February 2022, I had been waiting for the bead patiently. I didn't expect it to be ready just yet, but when I received the WhatsApp message to say it was ready and a picture I was so excited to receive it.
It's was so easy to order and to send off my wedding flowers. This is a perfect way to remember my wedding without looking at my photos.
Thank you so much for this amazing bead I love it.





Why Choose Us?
Attention to Detail

We ensure we select the appropriate flowers suitable for the items you've chosen. We then carefully begin the drying process before laying them out in your chosen shapes. We love a "fuller" look in our items as we feel it portrays what your original item feels and looks like.

Funeral Flower Preservation | Funeral Keepsake
Wedding Flower Preservation
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Trust & Communication

We keep you updated throughout the entire process. This includes initial conversations about what you'd like, right down to when we receive your flowers, when we begin work on your items, as well as sending photos of the finished articles. We won't send you an item until you are happy!

High Quality Resin

Almost all Flower Preservation companies & Resin Artists in the United Kingdom use resin which will discolour and “yellow” within 1-2 years as the resin is exposed to natural light. Here at Magenta Flowers we only ever use high quality resin which is 100% guaranteed no to yellow so you can be sure that your items will stay a crystal clear throughout the test of time.