How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet in a Shadow Box Frame: The Ultimate Guide

Wedding Bouquet Frame
It's no secret that preserving your wedding bouquet is a popular trend among brides. After all, who wouldn't want to keep those beautiful blooms forever? Shadow Box Frames make the perfect frame for displaying your wedding bouquet and allow you to show it off in all its glory. In this guide, we will be giving you our expert advice on flower preservation, walk you through the traditional drying process of wedding bouquets, teach you how to create a beautiful shadow box frame for your flowers, and give you some shadow box inspiration. Let's get on with the first step!
Shadow Box Frame

How to Dry Flowers

There are many ways to preserve your flowers, some can be more complicated than others. Before we get onto the disassembling of your bouquet, be sure to measure the blooms so you know the size frame you'll need! We'll be taking you through the easiest and most affordable way to preserve your flowers in the comfort of your own home.
The traditional way to dry flowers is by finding a dark, dry area with good circulation such as an unused closet. With unflavoured dental floss, secure the bottom of the flowers' stems to a secure item so that they hang upside down to dry. Leave your flowers for two to three weeks until they are completely dried out. This method works best for bouquets with thick stems such as roses.
How to Dry Flowers
For thinner-stemmed flowers, you can use silica gel. These are fine crystals and are normally found in small packets within new handbags to keep them fresh. You can buy your own flower preservation tub full of silica gel from Magenta Flowers. Simply remove stems and greenery, place your flowers into the tub completely covered in the crystals and let the silica gel do its job! In about a week, you'll have beautiful, dried flowers that will last a lifetime. You can purchase your own Flower Drying Kit from us, which includes enough silica gel to preserve your flowers!
Wedding Bouquet Frame
Now that we've gone over how to dry your wedding bouquet, it's time to move on to creating the perfect shadow box frame!

Shadow Box Frames

Shadow Box Frames come in all shapes and sizes, which can make choosing the right one for your wedding bouquet a daunting task. But don't worry, we're here to help!
When it comes to finding the perfect shadow box frame, there are three main things you need to take into account: size, depth, and style.
Style: When picking your frame, the first thing is to think of the style you're going to be laying out your bouquet when the flowers have dried. We'll show you the different styles of layouts for a shadow box further down!
Size: You'll then need to measure your wedding bouquet and get a rough idea of the width and length. You'll want to make sure that your shadow box frame is big enough to fit your entire bouquet inside with some extra room on the sides. If you haven't done this before you started the drying process, it's okay, you can still measure the blooms once they're dry.
Depth: The next thing you need to consider is the depth of the shadow box frame. This is important because you want to make sure that your flowers have enough room without looking squished.
Shadow Box Frame

Assembling your Wedding Bouquet Frame

Now that you have all the materials you need, it's time to start assembling your memory box frame!
Start by adding a layer of chicken wire to the bottom of the shadow box frame. This will help keep your flowers in place and give them some extra support. You can then start adding in your greenery, making sure to evenly distribute it throughout the frame. Once you're happy with the amount of greenery, you can start adding in your dried flowers. Again, make sure to evenly distribute them so that your Shadow Box Frame looks balanced.
Once you're happy with the layout of your Shadow Box Frame, it's time to secure everything in place. You can do this by using hot glue, floral wire, or dry oasis.
And that's it! You've now successfully preserved your wedding bouquet and created a beautiful Shadow Box Frame to display it in! Let's move on to ways to style your bouquet in your Wedding Bouquet Frame.

Wedding Bouquet Frame Styles

Now that you know how to create your own Wedding Bouquet Frame, it's time to get inspired by some different styles!
The first style is a traditional style and is a great option for brides that had personal items attached to the stems of their bouquets. You can see below:
Wedding Bouquet Frame
The second style is a more modern take on the Wedding Frames and is perfect for couples that want to display their bouquet from a bird's eye perspective. Allowing you to fill the frame with your flowers as shown below:
Wedding Frames
The third style is the perfect option for couples that want to include more than the bridal bouquet within the Memory Box Frame. We've seen many brides add their groom's buttonhole next to their bouquet within the Wedding Bouquet Frame like so:
Memory Box Frame
The final style is freestyling it! We're sure you're crafty and creative enough to come up with your own design.
Wedding Bouquet Frame
So, there you have it! You are now a shadow box frame expert. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and will be inspired to create your very own Memory Box Frame to enjoy for a lifetime. If you’re struggling to make your own Shadow Box Frame, don’t worry – we can help! Just visit our online store and order on of our own Shadow Box Frames, our team will do the hard work for you. Thanks for following along with us, and happy crafting!

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