Sending Funeral Flowers

Sending Funeral Flowers

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Funeral Flower Etiquette

When it comes to funeral flowers, most countries have their own traditions. It is easy to think that all nationalities associate the same flowers with funerals. That is not the case. It would appear there we have what you could call a funeral flower etiquette in this country.

What Funeral Flowers To Send? 

In the UK, we are very traditional when it comes to funeral flowers. The most popular funeral flowers to send remain Roses & Freesia. Your choice of funeral flowers may also depend on your relationship with the person departed. But, as always, you should try to make a person's send-off as personal as you can. When you know a person loved a particular flower, that is the flower you should send. It is a flower from your heart to their heart. 

The Most Popular Funeral Flowers in The UK

Although lilies are now sent, they are still a relative latecomer to the range of funeral flowers that we send. It was not really until the funeral of Princess Diana, lilies became popular as a funeral flower. Now, they are, however, associated with funerals. It is peculiar, as in many Southern European countries, they are not considered as a funeral flower.

Freesia is a fantastic flower to send. It is long-lasting, and even though it looks delicate, it is what you may want to call a "sturdy" flower. Modern freesias come in many colours and are easy to arrange.

More exotic flowers are coming into the mix. It seems strange to talk about trends when it comes to funeral flowers, but orchids are very much one of the latest trends. Maybe it has to do with the cost of orchids having dropped in price, or maybe it is because it is a flower that we have learned to appreciate.

Other more exotic funeral flowers which are becoming popular are gerberas. They are wonderful colourful flowers that we up until recently associated with sunny window seals. But, they do come in a range of colours that make them suitable for funerals. It is a pretty flower that is easy to preserve. For some reason, gerberas are often associated with the funerals of younger people.

Roses are maybe one of the more traditional funeral flowers. The rose has been popular as a funeral flower for many hundreds of years. Of course, it is grown in abundance here in the UK. That may have something to do with it. On top of that, it comes in such a great range of colours. White is popular at funerals, but thanks to the many new exciting varieties of roses, you don't have to be a traditionalist.

Another very traditional British funeral flower, is the hydrangea. It is such a beautiful flower and it was the Victorians that first introduced as a funeral flower. Hydrangeas look great on their own or in arrangements together with other flowers.

Carnations used to be a popular funeral flower, but locally sourced pinks are now making a come back. The pink carnation is a symbol of remembrance according to tradition.

Other popular flowers include tulips and sunflowers. Tulips have been used as part of funeral flowers displays for a long time, but sunflowers are newcomers.

Funeral flower trends are changing all of the time. At the moment, a lot of things are changing in the wonderful world of floristry. Many of us are thinking twice about where our flowers are coming from in the world. Imported flowers are going out of fashion and traditional British flowers are coming back in.

For instance, did you know that the herb rosemary, is the traditional herb of remembrance? It looks beautiful when displayed together with roses.

Funeral Flower Etiquette

Should You Choose A Wreath Or A Bouquet?

Wreaths of all kinds are popular as funeral displays. However, they are mainly sent by closer family members, close friends, or work colleagues. If you are concerned with funeral flower etiquette, a nice bouquet of flowers is just as welcome.

Most of the time, wreaths are used to convey a very personal message. The traditional round wreath remains popular, but we are also sending wreaths that perhaps say something about the person. Wreaths do not any longer have to be circular objects. Other shapes such as horses and dogs are fairly common.

Are we beginning to use funeral flowers to express ourselves? In many ways, it would seem that funeral flowers are becoming a way of delivering a message. Perhaps we are beginning to rediscover the Victorian Language of Flowers.


Sending Bouquets As A Funeral Flower Arrangement

Bouquets are a wonderful way of saying goodbye and thank you. Perhaps you know what flowers the person cherished the most. In that case, there is no reason why you should not ask your local florist to make up a bouquet of his or her favourite flowers. It will be one of those treasured memories that you can hold onto when you need comfort.

Should you pick your own flowers? There is no reason why not. In many parts of the world, picking wildflowers is a popular tradition. You will come across the tradition in some European countries, but it does go on in other parts of the world as well.

Are Funeral Flowers Expensive?

Yes, funeral flowers are often expensive and can cost a lot of money when you want nothing but the best for your loved one.

More often than not, you will find that a couple of people or families, get together to send funeral flowers. There is nothing wrong with that at all. In particular, this seems to apply to groups and clubs that want to say goodbye and say thank you to someone special.

If the person departed worked for a company, colleagues may choose to get together to buy a wreath to say goodbye.


What If The Family Or Deceased Do Not Want Any Flowers?

Yes, this does happen as well and it is not unusual. Needless to say, you should respect the wishes of the individual. It may mean that they would like a donation to a charity instead. That is absolutely fine.

Is it okay to bring flowers to say goodbye at the graveyard or to place by the coffin? When it comes to funeral flower etiquette, this is absolutely fine. You are saying your own personal goodbye - it is really as simple as that.

Funeral Flowers

Who Sends What Flowers?

The funeral spray, the special arrangement placed on top of the coffin, is often sent by the closest family members. It is the traditional farewell from the family.

Hearts are also most often sent by the family closest to the deceased. They are a beautiful way of saying goodbye. Carnations used to be commonly used in hearts, but we are seeing less of them at the moment. They are beautiful flowers and perhaps they will come back.

Bouquets and wreaths are mainly sent from friends and co-workers, but on occasion, the family does feel that they want to give something extra and send a wreath as well.


Is It Okay To Preserve Funeral Flowers?

Absolutely! If it brings you joy and contentment than preserving flowers is the right thing to do. Many beautiful flowers are often sent and we should make an effort to preserve them. 

In the United States, it has long been a tradition to preserve funeral flowers. They are turned into many lovingly creative objects that will help you to remember the loved one. A popular way to preserve funeral flowers, is to have them made into the loved one's name.

On top of that, there are many other ways in which you can preserve funeral flowers.


Is It Okay To Be Different?

Can I give a forever flower gift at a funeral? We are pretty hung up about doing the wrong thing at funerals or giving the wrong flowers.

Maybe it is about time we started to worry less and celebrated the person's life instead. Sometimes, it is nice to say goodbye in an alternative way.

When you feel that you want to give a forever flower gift, there is no reason why you should not do so. Preserved flowers look beautiful and may even bring comfort to family members.

Gifted items can still be placed in the church or by the graveside for a couple of days. After that, they can be moved to the family home.

We are beginning to see keepsake gifts more and more. If you are looking for an unusual flower, it may be difficult to do. However, we do have some ready made gifts that you can use. When you want to give a special flower gift, and you think that we can help you, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help.


Never Be Frightened To Ask

Yes, there are non-traditional funeral flowers that you can send or give. If you worry about giving a certain gift or flower, it is a good idea to explain the reason for the gift to the family. When you already are a family member, there is no reason to say anything. Maybe the entire family know that the departed appreciated a particular flower.

For some reason, birds of paradise flowers are becoming popular. Perhaps that it has something to do with the fact that we travel more. One thing is for sure, we are certainly beginning to expand the selection of funeral flowers that we are sending.

As mentioned previously, wildflowers are now popular.

Another flower that we are seeing more of, is the peony. It is said to be a soothing flower and a flower that can comfort. There is no reason why you should not choose to send peonies. They are absolutely beautiful and often grown in the UK.

Can I Give A Basket Of Flowers?

Once again, this may be an unusual way of paying your final respects, but there is no reason why you can't. Basket are beginning to be sent as funeral flowers. A traditional flower basket is a beautiful way of displaying flowers.

If you are choosing to give wildflowers, giving them in a basket is a great idea. Wildflowers look very natural when displayed in a basket.


What Is The Future Of Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flower etiquette will continue to change and evolve. It is a bit like bridal flowers. Over the last few years, we have seen our attitude to bridal flower etiquette change.

Funerals are changing into celebration of life services and that is a good thing. They are becoming truly personal events and ways to say thank you.

Our funeral are something that we are beginning to talk about as much as other events associated with flowers in our lives. It is good that we do talk about them. In a way, many of us would like to know how our lives are going to be remembered and celebrated by those we leave behind. It is always good to know what funeral flowers to send.

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