Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

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Create Special Memories With Our Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


We all like to have unique memories that we can share with our partners. Nothing is more important when it comes to our personal relationships. One special milestone we should all celebrate is our wedding anniversaries. However, it is not always easy to come up with personalised and unique wedding anniversary gift ideas.

I love to create special anniversary gifts for my clients. Many of my customers come back to me time and time again. After a little while, they become friends. I know it is not easy for everybody to come up with wedding anniversary gift ideas with a personal touch. That is why I am always thinking about how I can best help you to celebrate your special day. For instance, what are the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts?

Are you stuck for a wedding anniversary gift idea? Even if you are not, please carry on reading. I hope that some of my ideas will give you inspiration. You are also more than welcome to browse my website.

First Wedding Anniversary

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift

Paper represents a first wedding anniversary. It may not sound very romantic, but believe it or not; paper can be very romantic. Why not have a first anniversary card turned into something amazing? It could be turned into a picture that you can hang on the wall or placed on a stand in your living room.

Carnations are the flowers which represent a first wedding anniversary. Coloured carnations keep their colours wonderfully when preserved in the right way. Why not let me help you to create the perfect 1st wedding anniversary gift?


Second Anniversary Gift

I believe that all wedding anniversaries are special. The second anniversary is represented by cotton and Lily of the Valley. Could you think of a more beautiful combination? You can use a piece of cotton which is special to you. Perhaps a handkerchief or another piece of cotton that means something special to you.

The humble Lily of the Valley is one of the most beautiful flowers in my opinion. It looks stunning mounted in a paperweight.


Third Wedding Anniversary

Leather represents your 3rd wedding anniversary. Why not have your names engraved on a leather bracelet? Send it to me and let me mount it for you together with a sunflower. Yes, that is right. The glorious sunflower represents your three years together.


Fourth Wedding Anniversary

I hope you like hydrangeas because this is the flower which symbolises four years together. The good thing about hydrangeas is that they come in all sorts of colours. Fruit is the other thing that celebrates a 4th wedding anniversary. I have several clever ways of adding fruit to one of my creations. Get in touch or check out ideas on my website.


Fifth Wedding Anniversary

I love 5th wedding anniversaries! Do you know why? It is represented by the daisy which is another one of my favourite flowers. We really underestimate the daisy but it is one of the most stunning flowers. Its colours are vivid and it looks great together with wood which is the other element that represents your five years together.


Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Sugar is what you get when you have been married for five years. That is along with Calla lilies. They come in an amazing range of colours. Many brides have them in their wedding bouquets and they always look fantastic. Pick your favourite colour calla lilly and let me create something beautiful for you.

Seventh Wedding Anniversary

A 7th wedding anniversary is represented by both cooper and wool. Many of my clients have come up with some really clever creations. Of course, we mustn't forget what flowers represents your 7 years together.

The freesia represents 7 years. I have worked with freesias for a long time. They are a great flower to work with and look amazing in any display. We often have them growing in our gardens. Once again, you have a selection of colours to choose from. Why not mix and match a couple of different colours together.

Eighth Wedding Anniversary

This is another favorite wedding anniversary of mine! Symbolised by bronze and lilac, it allows me to create some great personalised gifts for you or for someone special. Lilacs are stunning flowers. When you look closely at them, it almost looks they burst from the delicate stem they grow on.


Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Are you celebrating 9 years together? Good for you - you have almost reached the 10th anniversary milestone. The 9th wedding anniversary is represented by willow, copper and the Bird of Paradise flower.

Did you know that there are many different types, or geniuses, of the Bird of Paradise flower? Some of them are more delicate than others. The large one is, of course, the showiest of all of them. But, that does not mean the other ones are not worth considering as a special memory. The best way I can describe the Bird of Paradise plant is as a regal. It really does deserve a special display.

Bird of Paradise Flower

Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations you have reached 10 years together! It is time to celebrate. Along with tin, daffodils symbolise 10 years together. Aren't they glorious?

I think that daffodils simply shout happiness and I love them. They look wonderful in any kind of display. The smaller varieties that you can find in quality florists, make great jewellery pieces. Who says that everything that glitters has to be gold?

In my opinion, daffodils are like small bright suns that shine and bright up any day. Why not let me help you to create a personalised daffodil necklace or earrings?


11th Wedding Anniversary

I hope you love tulips. I like to say that any time is tulip time. It is simply the most stunning flower and comes in many blazing colours. But then again, some of the more subtle colours look great as well. I think it is easy to overlook more gentle colours that are perhaps easier on the eye.

Preserving tulips take a little bit of extra work and care but I love doing it. Over the years, I have created many stunning anniversary gifts using tulips. Perhaps you have your own favorite variety of tulip. If not, I can help you to find your dream tulip and turn into a personal gift you will treasure for many years to come.

The other element which represents 11 years together, is steel. It is a very versatile material to work with and can look great in the right setting.


12th Wedding Anniversary

Peony and silk represent a 12th wedding anniversary. The two really go hand in hand. Take a little closer look a the peony flower, and you will see its petals almost look silk like.

It is a gorgeous flowers and is one of the most beautiful flowers that you can preserve. Together with silk, a peony flower display looks amazing.

Hey, here is an idea for you. Do you have any silk or other material left over from your wedding dress? Why not use not make the most of it and let me incorporate it in the design of your special 12th wedding anniversary gift?

For designs and ideas, check out my website or get in touch with me if you have your own unique idea.


13th Wedding Anniversary

I hope that you like chrysanthemums. These versatile flowers come in all shapes and sizes these days. It would seem that many of my clients have their own personal favorites. I am always being asked to create personalised chrysanthemum gifts.

There is something comforting about chrysanthemums. A friend of mine said that she loves them because they come in all shapes and sizes. A bit like us humans when you stop and think about it.

Anyway, I think they are ADORABLE and could not imagine life without them.

The other element related to a 13th wedding anniversary is lace. This is another wonderful material to work with when you want to create a special wedding anniversary gift. Feel free to get in touch if you need inspiration.



14th Wedding Anniversary

Dahlias - you have to love them! It is one of our best loved garden plants in the UK. Dahlias have been found in our garden for a long time. They were one of the Victorians' favourite flowers.

As many of you will know, the Victorians were the ones who first came up with the language of flowers. The dahlia represents inner strength and elegance. On their tall slim stems, they do certainly look elegant.

Ivory is the other element that represents a 14th wedding anniversary. Of course, we have to be careful with ivory. A great alternative is moonstone. In a display, it does not look so different from ivory.

Did you know that the moonstone is one of the crystals that are associated with love? In my opinion, it is the best alternative to ivory.


15th Wedding Anniversary

Now, we are talking. I have lost count of how many 15th wedding anniversary special gifts I have created since I started my business. For some reason or another, many couples like to really mark their 15th wedding anniversaries.

If you are not sure how to create a lasting memory, please let me help you. As you may know, this special anniversary is marked by crystal and roses. You can look at that in different ways. Let me explain.

Yes, you can use a clear piece of crystal. The problem is that a clear piece of crystal may get lost in a display. There are many exciting crystals to choose from when you want to use crystal as part of your anniversary gift. Rose quartz is a popular crystals that many of my clients like. But, there are other ones you should consider.

Some of my personal favourite crystals that are associated with love include green jade, turquoise and green tourmaline.


20th Wedding Anniversary

When you would like to celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary, you should create special memories using china and asters. Did you know that it is thought that Asters originated in China?

It may seem like a coincidence, but then again, maybe not. Anyway, it is rumoured that it was the explorer Marco Polo who brought the first asters back to Europe. Today, asters are one of our most cherished gardeners flowers.

For me, they are great to work with as they are such wonderful flowers to preserve. I simply love them! Asters come in what can only be described as an abundance of colours. If you would like to add some china to your anniversary gift, I have several ways in which you can do so.


25th Wedding Anniversary

Do you have a 25th wedding anniversary coming up in your family? This milestone anniversary on your way to your 50th wedding anniversary, is represented by silver and iris.

Once again, I think that the two go hand in hand. Irises are stunning flowers - tall and elegant - and look amazing. There are many colours to choose from and you may already have your personal favorite.

Silver is one of those precious metals that makes a great addition to a personal gift. I have used it on many occasions and know it is great element to incorporate into any personalised gift idea. We can even use it as part of jewellery or a hanging display.

Get in touch if you have your own idea and we will get started on your anniversary gift.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Wow - this is a very special wedding anniversary. It is one of those anniversaries most couples and families like to celebrate in style. Pearls, ivory and lilies represent a 30th wedding anniversary.

There are countless types of lilies to choose from. If you are not sure, please let me help to guide you in the right direction. It is a great flower to work with and I have many ways of making it look even better than it already does.

You can take a look at some of the ideas that I already have listed on my website. However, I do know that this is such a special wedding anniversary, that you may want to discuss a personalised idea. Please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.


40th Wedding Anniversary


Ruby is the precious stone and crystal which symbolises 40 years together. It is a wonderful stone that looks great in any setting. I have had clients who have wanted ruby rings as part of their 40th wedding anniversary gifts.

You can come across antique ruby jewellery at antique fairs and in vintage jewellery shops. Otherwise, rubies are pretty hard to come buy. You would really need to contact a specialised jeweller to find a good one.

The flower that represents your 40th wedding anniversary is the gladioli. Aren't they simply beautiful to look at? I have several varieties in my garden as I can't get enough of them. All of those gorgeous flowers on that one single stem! Amazing...

Yes, I do love them. Over the years, I have created numerous special anniversary gifts and other gifts. It seems to be one of those flowers that many of us love and have special memories connected to.

If you are stuck for ideas, take a look at my site. Alternatively, contact me and we will come up with a special creation or anniversary gift.


50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

I don't know what to say. Of course, congratulations are in order, and please, accept my most heartfelt congratulations. I do hope that you are planning to celebrate your special day in style.

I have many ideas for 50th wedding anniversary gifts. This very special anniversary is represented by gold and the yellow rose. Yellow roses are stunning. They can come in deep yellow colours bordering on orange or they can be very pale in colour. No matter which one you choose, I am sure that you will remember this very special day.

The other element which represents a 50th wedding anniversary, is gold. I am pretty sure that you knew that already. Of course, we can add some gold sparkles to your 50th wedding anniversary gift.

Your 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas should be extra special. If you have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up in your family, I would ask that you get in touch earlier rather than later.

I really like to take my time and create something special for you. This is one anniversary gift which you will probably treasure forever. It does really need to be out of this world.

As you can tell, I love wedding anniversaries. If you are stuck for wedding anniversary gift ideas, please get in touch with me. It goes without saying that I would like to make your 50th wedding anniversary ideas a reality.

Send me an email or get in touch with me by phone. I am happy to discuss wedding anniversary gift ideas with you.

Wedding Anniversary

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