The Happiest Celebrity Weddings

The Happiest Celebrity Weddings

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Celebrities always break the news when they get married, making headlines and sometimes even boasting their own TV spots and specials. From unexpected pairings to long-term lovers finally tying the knot, there’s nothing quite like celebrity weddings to get our blood pumping.
Whether it’s royal weddings like Will and Kate, A-listers such as Kim and Kanye, or those somewhere in between, we’re drawn in from the moment they get engaged, showing off that big bespoke ring, to the day we see the wedding dress. But in the constant whirlwind of celebrity marriages, is it possible to rank these weddings to see who had the happiest day?
Using facial expression recognition software, an AI tool, we scanned the faces in the most popular celebrity wedding photos of all time to detect the emotions portrayed and determine who the happiest couples were on their wedding day. Here is what we found.

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73.76% of Celebrity Couples Expressed Happiness

We began our study by grouping together any negative emotions (anger, disgust, and fear) that were detected by AI. We didn’t think that any brides and grooms would be unhappy on their big day but apparently, we were wrong.

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In fact, 1 in 10 celeb couples was spotted with a frown or other negative emotion on their face with the majority of men looking the most morose. There were also some celebs who appeared utterly underwhelmed by the idea of marrying their significant other with 13% of men and just under 9% of women not displaying any particular emotion regarding the event. 
That being said though, happiness was the strongest emotion overall with nearly 74% of all celebs looking overjoyed with sealing the deal.

The Happiest Celebrity Weddings

We continued our study by grouping together the positive emotions that were detected by the AI. This included happiness and surprise as grooms often show surprise when their bride walks down the aisle.
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Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney were one of our happiest couples with their day being filled with over 99% smiles. Ex-tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and husband David Lee also had one of the happiest wedding days out of all the couples we looked at, sharing the Kimmels’ happiness score of 99.83%. Molly wore very little jewellery when she got married, sticking to simple, understated options with her strapless, lace dress to really let her sparkling wedding ring take front and centre.
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The happiest bride was Anne Hathaway who can be seen grinning from ear to ear in all of her wedding photos in 2012 and scored a perfect 100%. Her modest off-the-shoulder dress suited her perfectly and was worn with very minimal jewellery - a couple of diamond bracelets and earrings before she switched it up at the reception with a more ornate diamond cuff and tiara.
Grooms Buttonhole

The groom who displayed the most positive emotions while sealing the deal with his wife, Caroline Wozniacki, was former NBA star, David Lee. He could be seen grinning from ear to ear as he watched his beloved walk down the aisle and photos of the couple since have been overall extremely positive indicating a fulfilling and happy relationship. 

The Least Happy Celebrity Weddings

During our research, we were surprised to see that not everyone was outwardly joyful during their wedding day. Some celebs appeared much more stoic in photos than expected, with men being in the majority of those appearing less-than-pleased. This could be due to a variety of factors and doesn’t necessarily mean they were unhappy with the wedding itself but is unexpected nevertheless. Here are the least happy celebrities.
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The prize of least-happy couple goes to Chance the Rapper and his wife Kirsten Corley. The couple tends to stay fairly private but has been together for a long time, having gotten together in 2013. But when they tied the knot in 2019, their photos sway towards the serious. Among a number of generally happy photos, Kirsten, in particular, tends to look more awkward than joyous and the couple feature in a number of more stoic images which contribute to their less-than-happy score of 23%.
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Mick and Bianca Jagger got married in 1971 but Bianca was far from the beaming bride during her wedding. The AI detected her happiness as being at the 34% mark which, when compared to other brides, is incredibly low for the ‘happiest day of your life’. Another bride to keep it simple on the jewellery front, Bianca wore an ivory suit with a low-cut neckline and kept her jewellery understated to let her ring shine.
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Despite his bride being the happiest on our list, Adam Shulman (Anne Hathaway’s hubby) was detected as being the most miserable on his wedding day with only 1% happiness. That’s a 99% difference which leads us to our next question.

Which Celebrities Let their Partner Down?

Because of the diverse range of emotions portrayed by celebrities, we wanted to find out what the difference was between the genders and which tended to be more stoic than the other. To do this, we continued to compare the happiness percentage of every pair.

Happy Celebrity Couples


As we’ve already mentioned, the difference between the happiness levels of Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman is the highest out of all our couples at 99%. Perhaps they’re not as compatible as we like to believe? Or maybe he’s just a little camera shy. Either way, it’s a stark and surprising contrast but they do say that opposites attract.
The second Adam to grace our list and the second couple with the highest contrast of emotions is Adam Sandler and wife Jackie Titone. Jackie can be seen smiling and enjoying her wedding day in all of the photos with an overall happiness rating of 99% whereas her normally whacky husband only received a rating of 3%. This could be due to him pulling a number of different faces rather than smiling and therefore not showing joy in the same way, however. 

On Average, Brides are 13.67% Happier in Wedding Photos than their Partners

Whether it’s due to genuine emotion, the flurry of the big day, or just that women are more outwardly expressive, brides tend to be seen smiling more often than their grooms in wedding photos. 

Happy Celebrity Wedding Photos

In general, women have a happiness rating of around 81% and are clearly thrilled with tying the knot with their beau. Men tend to be more reserved with a lower happiness rating of 67% and a higher neutral appearance of 13%. The starkest contrast between the two is that men were more likely to display negative emotions than women were - almost 9% more likely to, in fact. We’ll never know if the photos were just snapped at the wrong time or if it's genuine emotion but it’s an interesting thing to note.


Using FER (Facial Expression Recognition) we detected the emotions portrayed in the most popular celebrity wedding photos of all time, which equated to 311 images and 100 celebrities.
FER is an AI tool that scans faces in photos and measures seven varying levels of emotions present (anger, disgust, fear, neutral, surprise, and happiness). For our study, we grouped the negative emotions (anger, disgust and fear) into one sole category. The emotions, happiness, surprise and neutral were kept separate unless otherwise indicated.

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Last Updated: 16/08/2022

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