The Cost of Wedding Flowers Across the UK: 10 Florists' Prices Compared

The Cost of Wedding Flowers Across the UK: 10 Florists' Prices Compared

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How much do wedding flowers cost? Our research shows you will need £1000 for your wedding flower budget. This will get you a bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 3 buttonholes, 2 wrist corsages, 8 pew ends, top table décor, 5 table centrepieces and a large flower display to decorate your reception or ceremony!


When it comes to wedding flowers, you want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. In this blog post, we will be looking at the average cost for wedding flowers across 10 different florists in the UK and working on a starting price for a wedding flower budget for your bridal party.


We will take a look at bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, table arrangements, and ceremony décor to see how much you can expect to spend on each item for your own wedding flowers. Keep in mind that these prices are just starting points and can vary depending on the type of flowers used and the size of the bouquet.

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What Is A Good Budget For Wedding Flowers?

When it comes to wedding flowers cost, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, the cost of wedding flowers will depend on your overall budget. If you have the room to splash out on your wedding day you may want to go all out on fresh flowers for your reception venue, wedding ceremony, bridesmaids’ flowers, table centrepieces, and of course your bouquet! The cost of your wedding flowers will depend on a number of factors, including the type of flowers you choose, the size of your wedding, and the time of year you get married. However, a good starting point for budgeting your wedding flowers is £1,000-£1,500 for a medium-sized wedding, most florists will have a minimum spend amount so make sure you check this before you plan.

Of course, if you have your heart set on specific blooms or want to go all out with an elaborate floral display, your budget will need to reflect that. But even if you have a more modest budget, there are ways to make your money go further when it comes to wedding flowers.

Before we dive into costs, here are a few budget-friendly ideas to help you save:

  • Stick to seasonal flowers, this will help you save money as the wedding flowers won't need to be sourced.
  • Ensure your wedding date doesn't fall on any holidays where flowers are a popular gift. Getting married on Valentine's Day may be romantic, but it will be expensive for any floral arrangements!
  • Allow yourself room to compromise. Having your heart set on blooms when you have a tight budget can be a let-down when they're out of budget.
  • Do your research before you start Pinterest planning! Ensure you have made an initial enquiry about the flowers you have your eye on, many florists only include starting prices on their website.
  • Create your own flower arrangements! We are seeing more and more brides get stuck in and create their own floral arrangements to use as wedding flowers to help stick to their flower budget.
  • Use bigger blooms and fewer flowers! The bigger your buds the fewer stems you'll pay for and is definitely a friendlier option for smaller a wedding floral budget.


Average Cost of Bridal Bouquets

Your bridal arrangement is a must have for any bride on their big day, but how much do wedding flowers like this cost? The cost of a wedding bouquet will depend on the type of wedding flowers used and the size of the bouquet. For example, a small bouquet made with roses and a baby's breath will be less expensive than a large bouquet made with peonies and orchids. We've created a graph below of 10 florists and their range of prices.

Average Bridal Bouquet Cost 

The average cost of a wedding bouquet from these florists is £117, from our research we suggest budgeting around £150 for your bridal bouquet to allow yourself room to add any extras you’d like.

As you can see, All Bunched Up may be the most expensive flowers, but is there a reason for this? They have great morals and are eco-friendly, along with a bunch of experience in wedding flowers! Their bridal bouquet is said to use more personal flowers in the arrangement, with the aim to represent your personality through your bridal bouquet. They also showcase stunning, bespoke ceremony flowers and reception flowers. This is fitted to our brides with a bigger budget but we're sure it's worth it!

Buttercup Flowers seem to be the most budget-friendly with their starting prices. However, this may be due to their location and areas they cover, florists closer to bigger cities can be more expensive. Buttercup Flowers is able to offer a one-to-one experience when planning your wedding flowers, allowing them to give more attention to the detail in your bouquet! They have over 10 years of experience in wedding flowers and showcase stunning designs, showing that cheaper doesn't mean lower quality.

 Bridal Bouquet

Average Cost of Bridesmaid Bouquets

Now onto bridesmaids' bouquets! You'll want to set aside some money for each of the bridesmaids' bouquets to ensure your bridal party is covered. A general rule-of £40-£70 per bunch will ensure you’ll find an arrangement within your budget. You'll definitely want to consider the number of people you have within your bridesmaid party, as they will all require their own bouquet. So, choose your bridesmaids wisely to avoid splashing out and breaking your wedding flower budget!

 Cost of Wedding Flowers

The average cost of a bridesmaid bouquet from our research of ten florists across the UK is £65.

As you can see, most florists stay within the £40 - £70 budget rule per bridesmaid bouquet. If you're looking for those unique and elaborate bridesmaid bouquets, you may want to even bend up the budget to around £75 - £90 per bouquet. The wedding florists within the higher price range may have their prices based on experience or how they source their flowers. For example, All Bunched Up have its own cutting garden and grows its own flowers to help its business stay eco-friendly. This sort of care and expertise will come at a price. You may also want to look into more unique ways to have flowers displayed at your wedding, your florist may offer a flower crown option for example.

 Bridesmaid Bouquets

Average Cost of Buttonhole

Buttonhole flowers are a small but significant addition to your wedding day. They not only brighten up the groom's suit but can also be given to other members of the wedding party, such as ushers and father-of-the-bride and should be considered in the overall wedding flowers cost. The cost of buttonholes can even vary depending on the person you are buying them for, this is because the Groom has a more elaborate buttonhole arrangement. Definitely take this into consideration when choosing your wedding flower budget, as you may need to set a higher budget for the Grooms buttonhole!

 Wedding Flower Budget

The average cost of buttonhole flowers from our research is only £10 per buttonhole but remember you may have to purchase multiple!

As you can see, All Bunched Up provides the least expensive buttonholes with a starting price of £1.50 per boutonniere, which really does contrast their previous prices. This price is likely to increase with the flowers you use. However, on average the cost of buttonholes tends to stay at £10 or below starting prices. It may also be worth considering that Chirpee, which is above average, could have the most reliable prices displayed for this floral arrangement. Showing how the price is likely to increase with your preferences.

Wedding Florist 

Average Cost of Corsage

Corsages are a lovely addition to any wedding, whether it be for the mother-of-the-bride or grandmother-of-the-groom, they are traditionally for the mothers of the bride and groom. They can either be worn on the wrist or pinned to clothing, we've looked into the price list of corsages worn on the wrist. This is the most popular way to wear corsages as it means the mothers won't have to pin the flowers to their dress. They can be made up of one type of flower or a combination and usually include some greenery too, they are popularly made to fit the colour scheme of the wedding and complement the other flowers.

 Wedding Floral Budget

The average spend per wrist corsage for a wedding is £20, this can be found cheaper if you chose a pin corsage. The pin corsage option is a great idea for brides with a tighter budget.

As you can see, Eden Wedding Flowers  and Clair Lythgoe is the most expensive wrist corsage. However, you can save by choosing a pin or less extravagant flowers. All of the other florists' prices for wrist Corsages are around this average price range. However, we should consider that they could be the truest to their price list by promoting their corsages at a higher rate.

Buttercup Flowers advertises their corsage for the lowest price, but is this just a rough price? It is stated on their price list that their starting price is £12; this can obviously vary depending on a range of factors. This is why we would recommend all our brides ensure they reach out to a florist to find an accurate price to tailor to their budget and the flowers they will need!

 Wedding Flowers Cost

Bridal Party Flower Average Cost

To summarize the average cost of wedding flowers, for your bridal party, is a normal starting price is £200.

We arrived at this number by averaging the starting prices of ten different florists in the United Kingdom. These prices include one of each floral arrangement to give you a rough idea of the true cost, the bigger your party the more your price will increase.

 Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Of course, these prices are only averages and can be subject to change depending on your own wedding and overall wedding budget. These costs also do not include extras that couples spend on such as table decorations or ceremony flowers which can quickly add up. However, this is a great starting point for planning your bridal party and working out how many bridesmaids or groomsmen you can actually afford for your wedding as well as a good insight into flower prices!

Ceremony Décor Average Cost:

Wedding ceremony decorations are important to many brides. Many times, brides will choose to decorate their ceremony with pew end bouquets. These arrangements add a sense of elegance and romance to your aisle. They often hang at the end of the guests' rows or behind each chair. We know wedding flowers can be a significant expense, but they are worth it for the beauty they add to your wedding day. Pew ends are a beautiful way to add wedding flowers to your ceremony without breaking the bank.

Wedding Day Budget

The average cost for pew ends is only £20, giving you the best value for your money when decorating your ceremony!

According to the bar chart above, pew ends are a much more affordable option than a décor such as a flower arch when it comes to wedding ceremony decor. The average cost for pew ends is £20, allowing you to add some style and colour to your ceremony without breaking the bank. This makes pew ends a much more budget-friendly option for couples who are looking to add a touch of romance and class to their wedding ceremony going over budget.

 Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Table Décor Average Cost:

We've put together three ranges of prices from large table décor for your top table, to table décor for your guests, along with other larger arrangements that are generally used to decorate the reception venue. This is a rough estimate as there are so many different ways you can decorate your tables. You could go for something small and intimate or large and lavish, it all depends on your wedding budget and style!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost 


The cost of table decorations can quickly add up, here's a list of the average prices for your wedding décor:

  • Top Table Decorations: £92
  • Table Decorations: £43 per table
  • Large Floral Arrangements for Decoration: £138
  • Starting Price Overall: £262

The cost of table decorations can quickly add up, with the average starting price for simple centrepieces being £262.

If you're looking to add more decoration to your weddings, such as flower arches, bud vases, and jam jars to name a few options the cost of wedding flowers will obviously increase. It's important to factor in these additional costs when planning your wedding budget! You will have to remember to factor how many guests you will have attending and any ceremony decorations you want into your overall wedding budget; this will determine how many tables you will need to decorate.

 Reception Flowers

So, what can you expect to pay for wedding flowers? We’ve looked at prices from 10 different UK florists and found that the average cost for a bridal arrangement is £107, with bridesmaid bouquets averaging around £53. Buttonholes will set you back about £8 each on average, while corsages come in at around £17 each. Keep in mind you’ll have to budget for ceremony décor at an average of £20 per pew as well as table décor for your reception which is a starting point of £262. If you want to save money on your wedding flowers, remember to shop around and compare prices – and don’t forget to preserve them after your wedding! With our affordable preservation services, you can keep your beautiful blooms forever as wedding keepsakes.

Last Updated 16/08/2022


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