Memorial Headstones: A Guide to Honouring Your Loved One

Memorial Headstones: A Guide to Honouring Your Loved One

Ashley de Ste Croix Ashley de Ste Croix
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When someone close to us dies, it can be difficult to know how to honour them. One way that many people choose to do this is by selecting a memorial headstone. This can be a deeply personal decision, as you want the headstone to reflect your loved one in the best possible way. In this blog post, we'll discuss a range of different styles and ideas for memorial headstones.
There are many different types of headstones available, so it's important to do some research before making a decision. Headstones can be made from a variety of materials, including granite, marble, sandstone, and even resin. They can also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You'll need to decide on the material, size, and shape that you think would best suit your loved one. We hope that this will give you some inspiration in choosing the perfect headstone for your loved one.

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Headstones are the most popular style of memorial. They stand upright where your loved one is laid to rest, and they tend to be bigger in size. This allows you to add their name, dates, a message, and even symbols in some cases. They come in a wide range of materials to ensure that they are durable, the most popular seems to be marble headstones or granite headstones. Many people choose this traditional option as they are able to fit more writing on the headstone, along with any symbols they'd like to add.

Grave Markers

Another option is a grave marker, also known as a grave plaque. These are usually made from bronze or brass, and they can be placed flush with the ground or mounted on a stone base. Grave plaques are often used to mark the location of cremated remains. These may be smaller pieces but that doesn't make them any less special! You are still able to include a sentimental piece of writing or a smaller symbol to personalise the grave marker to your loved ones.
Grave Marker

Headstone Symbols

There are many different symbols that can be found on headstones. These often represent a person's hobbies, interests, or even profession. For example, you may find a carving of a golf club if your loved one was an avid golfer. However, others may find symbols to add in order to represent their relationship with that person and what they meant to them. Here are some other popular headstone symbols:
  • Hands are often found on headstones to represent the deceased relationships with their loved ones.
  • An Olive Branch refers to an Ancient Greek belief that olive branches could ward off evil spirits
  • A Winged Hourglass these are known to represent how quickly time flies. This can also be seen as a message to visitors to remind them that time passes by quickly.
  • Birds, seeing birds on a headstone can represent the flight of the soul. However, a Dove could also represent peace.
  • Wheat can represent prosperity or that a full life has been lived.
  • Swallows found on headstones tend to represent motherhood.
It's up to you whether or not you want to add a symbol to your loved one's headstone. They can be a great way to represent them and their interests, but they are not essential. You may also want to consider adding a photo of your loved one. This is becoming increasingly popular as it adds an extra personal touch.

Pet Headstones

Sometimes the grief that occurs when losing a furry friend can be underestimated. This is why many people choose to have pet headstones made when their pet passes away, as a way to remember their pet. This can be a great way to keep their memory alive, and it also ensures that they have a resting place that you can visit. It can be a good way to find comfort when grieving them and a way to show how special they were to your family. Here are some ideas on what you could include on your pets headstone:
  • Dogs come into our lives and leave paw prints on our hearts.
  • No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.
  • My purr you will miss, but I’m still here. If you listen quietly, you’ll know that I’m nearby.
You may also like to add some symbols, such as pawprints, to truly personalise this headstone. Whatever you choose this is a great way to commemorate your furry friends.
Pet Headstone

Cremation Memorials

If you have chosen to scatter your loved one's ashes, this doesn't mean that you can't still create a memorial for them. There are many different cremation memorials that you could choose from. This could be something as simple as a plaque that is placed in the ground where their ashes were scattered. Choosing a special place to scatter their ashes that was a sentimental place to your loved one could be another idea to keep their memory alive, bringing you comfort in visiting this special place. Or you may want to choose a more elaborate urn to keep their ashes in. You could even plant a tree in their memory and use this as a place to visit them. There are still numerous ways to create memorials or headstones that will reflect your loved one.

Memorial Keepsakes

If you are struggling to come to terms with the loss of your loved one, then you may want to consider creating a memorial keepsake. This could be something as simple as a Bereavement Memory Box. This is a box that you can fill with items that remind you of your loved one along with their funeral flowers. It's a way of keeping their memory alive and can be really helpful when grieving. Alternatively, you could create some art using their funeral flowers. There are many ways to do this, such as making candles or even jewellery. This is a great way to keep their memory alive in a creative way. If this is something you'd like to do you can visit our Funeral Flower Preservation page.
Memorial Keepsake

Memorial Bench

Another popular way to create a memorial is to have a bench made in their memory. This can be placed in your garden or any other special place. It's a great way to remember them while also providing a place for you to go and sit and reflect on happy memories. You could even choose to have an inscription added to the bench, such as:
  • Treasured Memories Of
  • With Love, We Remember
  • Lovingly Remembered
These are just a few ideas on some of the different ways that you can create memorials for your loved ones, even if they haven't had a traditional burial.
Memorial Bench

Our Headstone

Magenta Flowers has created a headstone that not only allows you to commemorate your loved one but also gather items between the people left behind to remember them by. You can capture anything that reminds you of them within our resin-based headstone so there will never be any forgetting or regrets when it comes to their final resting place. This can include funeral flowers, photos, clothing, or anything else you can think of. All these items are captured within the resin to create a gravestone that will truly reflect their life and personality. 
There are many different ways that you can create memorials for your loved ones. This could be something as simple as a plaque or bench, or something more elaborate such as a headstone from Magenta Flowers. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that truly reflects their life and personality. If you would like to find out more about our Headstone, or any of the other memorial keepsakes we offer, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're always here to help and advice in any way we can.

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