How To Do Funeral Flower Arrangements

How To Do Funeral Flower Arrangements

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 We know that arranging a funeral is not something any of us look forward to doing. Sadly, it is very much a part of life. We have to accept that it is something we may have to do.

Funeral flower arrangements play a huge part of any funeral. We often approach funeral flower arrangement ideas in a traditional way. In fact, we may even select flowers in accordance with tradition. But, do we really need to do so? As most of us know, wedding celebrations are becoming less and less traditional. Why not turn this sad occasion into something more personal instead? Perhaps even a celebration of life.

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Preserving Funeral Flowers

Is it okay to preserve funeral flower arrangements? The answer to that is absolutely! Many people find it extremely cathartic to be able to immortalise the memory of a loved one.  In most instances, there is no reason why you would not want to keep funeral flowers. As a matter of fact, it is a great way of creating a permanent memory of a loved one.

At Magenta Flowers, we believe that flowers mean more to us than we often let on. Of course, every bride remembers her wedding day bouquet. The truth is that every bouquet should be cherished and treasured. At first, it may be painful to look at the flowers that were part of the arrangement, but in time, the same flowers will often become a much cherished memory.

Creating memories is really what funeral flower arrangements are all about. So, let's be brave enough to talk about funeral flower arrangements ideas.


Don't Let Go Of Your Memories

When the day of the funeral is over, the last thing you really want to do, is to let go of the memories. Since we started to work with funeral flower ideas at Magenta Flowers, we realised what our friends and customers wanted to do, was to create long lasting memories they could treasure.

There are many ways in which you can create precious memories. In some countries, it is even a tradition of taking a flower from each funeral flower arrangement and preserving it. The flowers can later be made into items that allow you to preserve the beauty of the flowers forever.

Sometimes, a single flower says it all. Maybe your loved one had a favourite flower. We will help you to turn that special flower into a memory you will remember your loved one by.

One way is to use them to spell out the name of the person lost. You can also use the flowers as part of a paperweight or wall display arrangement.

Funeral Flowers | Don't let go

Flowers Are Not Only For People

We must not forget about our friends with four paws. Almost every day, we are contacted by someone who wants to remember a furry friend in a special way. It is now very popular to have funeral services for pets. Naturally, funeral flower arrangements form part of the service. They may not be as large or grand as other funeral arrangements, but they still deserve to become treasured memories.

Saying goodbye is always hard. When you do want to remember your special furry friend, please feel free to turn to Magenta Flowers. We know how much our animal companions mean to us. We would love to help you to create memories that last forever.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas, but we do have some ideas that remain popular. Once again, you may want to spell a name out. We can also help you to make a loved photo part of the memory.


Funeral Arrangements For The Young

We know that flower arrangements for the young are particularly precious. Often we want to carry them in our hearts every minute of the day.

There is no reason why you can't do so. We are one of the few flower preservation services in the UK that has extensive experience in creating flower jewellery. All of our jewellery is lovingly created with you in mind. Together we will come up with the right idea for you. If you have your own idea, we will together with you to find a way to create that special memory.

Necklaces are popular. A necklace will allow you to carry your loved one close to your heart, they will only be a heartbeat away from you.

However, there are also so many other ways we can create keepsake jewellery pieces from funeral arrangements flowers. We also know that you may not be the only one who wants to hold onto a special memory of a loved one. Get in touch and find out how we can create a memory for each and every family member or friend.

Child Funeral Flowers


Delicate Arrangements

It is not easy to talk about these things, and sometimes, it is even harder to live with the memories. That is why we make sure that the memories we create for you, are delicate.

We realise that our customers may not always want the keepsakes to "intrude" in their daily lives. Often our customers say to us that they want them to be there when they need them. That does not mean your memory belongs in the cupboard underneath the stairs.

We will help you to create memories and keepsakes that you can have in your everyday life. When you need them, you can sit down and give them a few moments of your time. Allow them to become cherished treasures that you can look back on when you feel the need. This could be as simple as a photo frame for your loved one.




We know that this is a challenging and emotionally charged subject. It may be hard to think and talk about it now, but in years to come, you will be able to draw strength from your keepsakes. That is what many of our current customers say that they do from the keepsakes that they have created with our help. It makes us feel very privileged.

We are happy to help. When you are ready to find out more about how Magenta Flowers can help you to lovingly remember, please feel free to get in touch with us and talk to us about funeral flower preservation ideas.


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